monster gratismonster gratis

The music of Suzanne and james... sung and played for your delectation (and for a laugh). The name 'monster gratis' comes from a rather poorly translated web advert, which, as far as we could tell, was offering free monsters. 

These songs are featured in reverse order of construction, for no real reason... 


monster gratis - Summer In Britain [3:23]

monster gratis - Summer In Britain (instrumenta [3:07]

We made this in 2005, for the XFM 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer' competition, thought suffering the ignominy of not having it played on-air, because I was a little too honest about the derivations of some bits of it (can you count the five references to other songs in there)? Suzanne's brass arrangement was amazing - I've included the instrumental because I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out (without my singing!) It's worthy of note that this song is my most-played tune on the internet, since it's part of the Podshow Music Network.


monster gratis - The Two Of Me [3:43]

Suzanne wrote this, and we crafted it together, inspired by the bass intro line of Teenage FBI by Guided By Voices. Comparing this with Summer In Britain, it's fairly clear that it's an early production, but it gets the tune out!


monster gratis - elegy [2:06]

monster gratis - elegy.mp3 (1 MB MP3 @128 kbps)

A wonderfully moving song, written and sung by Suzanne. I just played the guitar a bit and fiddled with the knobs.


monster gratis - lucky [2:54]

monster gratis - lucky.mp3 (3 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

Our interpretation of Britney Spears's hit song, performed live and fairly impromptu in the studio.