electric guitarThe name 'jamelopoeia' is a conflation of 'james' and 'melopoeia' which I finally settled on for my solo projects after years of indecision and anonymity. It's another in the series of 'names I have come up with that are impossible to pronounce.' I'm not really a prolific songwriter, but if I have an idea that develops into anything more than just a verse and a chorus, I like to get it to the 'demo' stage, and will post it online here.

If I have an idea that never makes it beyond a 'noodle' or is a work-in progress, it ends up in the noodles+jam section. This may well be the most often updated part of the site!

When new songs and productions are created, they'll turn up here; the menu to the left links to an archive of the music I've made in the past, in vaguely chronological order(!)