Blue Order technical

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We started this song experimenting with XLN Audio's Addictive Drums, a free version of which is available to download. The lyrics and a basical tune came next, and then piano, guitar and synth lines were layered over the top. Apart from the middle eight, which took some effort to arrange, the song wasn't much different from its final version fairly early on; it took until February to mix the many layers of synth and recorded sounds down. 

Also worthy of note is the metallic sounds that appear in the intro and throughout the song. These were recorded in the studio, using coins and a tray, and pitch, speed and direction modified to make the samples that were used.

Finally, the ending came from the mighty (but mini!) Korg Monotron - a proper bit of analogue kit. 



This was entirely created in the Image Communications studios in Luton; Reaper was used for the recording, arranging and producing. The main synth, drum and guitar lines took shape fairly quickly - piano and vocals followed later. 

Equipment used

Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
Yamaha O1X mixer
Rode NT-1A microphone & Focusrite Voicemaster Pro pre-amp
Ibanez GAX-75 electric guitar
Behringer V-Amp guitar effects
Lots of VST plug-ins
Korg Monotron 

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