You'll never, no - lyrics and song story

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song story

This song, both musically and lyrically, was definitely an evolution - snippets of conversation that initially seemed to be centred around cars ("There's an element of rust, on the sills of my Reliant" didn't quite make the cut) and synth-noodles that now form the backdrop of the track.

The chorus came a little later - breaking up the litany of contrasts (there was a spate of 'list' songs in the 1980s and 1990s - not so many, nowadays.. probably for good reason) and the whole song was compiled back at Geri Halliwell Towers once all the raw materials were in place.


There's an element of trust
And an element of reliance
There's an elemental crust
That underpins my defiance

There's an element of truth
And an element of denial
There's an elemental proof
That won't stand up to trial

Thank god you'll never know
Just what this means to me

There's an element of pride
And an element of meekness
There's some evidence you lied
In attempt to hide your weakness

There's an element of hate
And an elephant in the room
There's enough on your plate
Or have I spoken too soon?

three buffalo girls go round the outside
A man called Janus, a man with no pride
Do you work for the devil, are you on the inside?

Are you following Jesus, committing no sin?
You know he'll look after your kith and kin
Or will you be betrayed by the death within?

A position of ignorance, position of strength
You position your pawn, consider at length
You consider your position: first, second or tenth?

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