JamfolderThe music made by Simon and james. Jamfolder has existed since 2011. 

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Jamfolder - Blue Order

21st February 2013

Blue OrderThere's a new song by Jamfolder - it's called "Blue Order" and it sounds like this:

{showmp3 jamfolder:Jamfolder - Blue Order}

We started this in summer last year, but it's taken this long to get the vocals recorded and the song finished. It's our most 'electro-pop' song yet, and it will be interesting to see what direction we go next. More details on the Jamfolder page...

Blue Order

Jamfolder - Blue Order

{showmp3 jamfolder:Jamfolder - Blue Order:100:99}

Jamfolder's first musical release of 2013, this is a more traditional electro-pop song, which has been a long time in the making. A sneak preview of the track was made available on Audioboo before Christmas, recorded during a power cut. This is the full studio version, which was made possible with the assistance of electricity. Other versions may well emerge, including a 12" remix... or electronic equivalent.

Live Performance

Jamfolder performed their debut at the British Tech Network's fourth birthday Bash in Birmingham on the 6th July 2012. Here, then, are Jamfolder's first notes played in front of live humans:


You'll never, no


You'll never, no{showmp3 jamfolder:Jamfolder - You'll never no:94:95}

Jamfolder's second venture into the world of music - another song that started life during a Saturday evening collaboration, where lyrics were shouted into a megaphone (an underused musical instrument - unless you're Chumbawamba) and some strange synth and drum sounds were layered over the top.

Once again, it evolved into a proper song, with a very 1980s sound (no surprise, given our influences). 


Is It Normil?


Is It Normil?{showmp3 jamfolder:Jamfolder - Is It Normil:92:93}

A piece of music created on a Saturday evening, and tinkered with mercilessly ever since. This is the opening of Jamfolder's oevre. The hors-d'oevre, if you like. Suitable for vegetarians.

The original piece of music that gave rise to this song was inspired by Audioboo and those who post their content thereon. Simon came up with the lyrics one evening, and sang over them - it's his original vocal recording that (as is often the case with such performances) made the final mix; Simon added some elements to take it from being an ethereal, ambient piece of music (which can be heard here: audioboo.fm/boos/466067-our-saturday-evening-musics-nhv) into a more 'pop' song and the rest of the instrumentation was thrown down by james.

It's in 7/8 time, so it is impossible to dance to. Unless you're an injured arachnid, I suppose.