Tweets for 20 Nov 2018


(22:08:17) Oh this is quite something (h/t @canuckuk)

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Tweets for 18 Nov 2018


(11:46:50) RT @Tomingram80: @syzygy Cheers James @DunlopBTCC and the awesome fans and followers is just the best you’re so right! Ready for take three…

(16:02:55) Wow... if I didn't think the Macau Grand Prix circuit was savage enough, I've just seen footage of the incident whe…

(16:50:04) No. I've never wanted to print page 2 of a 50 page document and typed '2' into the 'copies' box instead. Ohhhhh no. That's never happened...

(19:07:51) Help me Rachel Adedeji #DoctorWho

(19:53:31) RT @RadioInTheUK: #DoctorWho #Amazon #AlanPartridge

(21:20:48) Really impressive work by @Beardyman and his voice & looper on this week's @BBCRadio4 #NowShow #comedy podcast - re…

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Tweets for 15 Nov 2018


(10:51:31) In the light of the #JohnLewisChristmasAd, a shortlived office debate has ensued, with some of my colleagues offeri…

Tweets for 14 Nov 2018


(11:16:23) Due to a workplace mishap (involving a kitchen work surface and spilled water) my trousers have a slightly damp sea…

(18:54:27) I just saw the most peculiar interstitial advert for @FIAFormulaE meets #Fallout during a phone app game... worth w…

Tweets for 13 Nov 2018


(14:28:23) Always lovely to hear new music from @BarbaraBorgelin ... voted!

(19:44:02) I've always found the word "thinkpiece" to be rather Orwellian... not sure I like it.

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Tweets for 11 Nov 2018


(21:45:31) Can't beat a bit of acoustic music on a Sunday evening #eclecticshedexperience @ The Lifeboat Tavern


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