Themes, beds and backing tracks...

Here's a smattering of the music I've done for podcasts and small-scale radio projects...


jamelopoeia - opening [0:38]

jamelopoeia - glistening.mp3 (748 KB MP3 @160 kbps)

I was asked if I would like to create a suite of jingles for a podcast that will be running at the Girlguiding UK Centenary Camp which takes place at the end of July this year. I felt privileged to be asked and happily agreed. I've made the odd bit of music for podcasts before (see below) and some jingles / sweepers for presenters on community and internet radio stations, but this was my first 'proper' commission.

My brief was to create jingles which sounded (as the Guides running the station requested): "Vibrant, fun, humorous, memorable, youthful, adventurous, energy, global, variety, colourful, sparkling" and I wanted to make it sound contemporary. I hope I've managed to achieve this!



Just one instrumental so far this year... 

jamelopoeia - overload [1:49]

jamelopoeia - overload.mp3 (2 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

A two-minute jingle with a string motif and strong 80s style bassline. It was nearly used on the BBC Audio & Music Festival's Festival Live radio station.



This was when I did most of the work on the music for The North South Divide. 

jamelopoeia - North South Divide theme [2:03]

jamelopoeia - NSD theme.mp3 (2 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

The main theme to the North South Divide. Lots of electric piano.. lots of bass and a touch of brass. all done with Emagic's Logic 5 Audio.


jamelopoeia - North South Divide theme (alte [0:33]

A comedy interpretation of the North South Divide theme tune


jamelopoeia - North South Divide encyclopedi [2:44]

The synthy bed (shades of Hitch-hikers Guide?) over which the North South Divide encyclopedia of facts (and that) is read out.


jamelopoeia - North South Divide news jingle [2:55]

jamelopoeia - news jingle.mp3 (4 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

The strident, ooh ever so bassy news jingle.


Of earlier vintage 

jamelopoeia - home safe (30s instrumental be [0:31]

A 30 second bed with synthy finish, made for Glide FM in the year 2000. Where are you now, James and Cara?