Is It Normil?


Is It Normil?Jamfolder - Is It Normil? [3:37]

Jamfolder - Is It Normil.mp3 (6 MB MP3 @256 kbps)

A piece of music created on a Saturday evening, and tinkered with mercilessly ever since. This is the opening of Jamfolder's oevre. The hors-d'oevre, if you like. Suitable for vegetarians.

The original piece of music that gave rise to this song was inspired by Audioboo and those who post their content thereon. Simon came up with the lyrics one evening, and sang over them - it's his original vocal recording that (as is often the case with such performances) made the final mix; Simon added some elements to take it from being an ethereal, ambient piece of music (which can be heard here: into a more 'pop' song and the rest of the instrumentation was thrown down by james.

It's in 7/8 time, so it is impossible to dance to. Unless you're an injured arachnid, I suppose.