A collection of noodlings, musical doodles and incomplete tunes that I have made. These may turn into songs or longer tracks, or never get any further than this...


jamelopoeia - Filtration [1:56]

jamelopoeia - Filtration.mp3 (2 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

I was very kindly given a Phat Boy by an old pal, and this was just a quick play with the controls on it - pretty much the one that's most used is the 'cutoff', which can change the nature of a sound quite substantially, bring it back and forward in the mix. Not complicated, by any means, but something to play with of an evening...

black key loop noodle

jamelopoeia - black key loop noodle [2:51]

As part of a slow return to making music (it's not been the busiest of years so far!) I though I'd set up some bits and pieces in the studio to play with of a quiet evening, which included a keyboard and Vox VL1 loop pedal. This is what I came up with on evening in mid-April: two loops played live and recorded, and then a piano/pad line played over it.

It's (very) rough round the edges, but quite satisfying that it didn't require anything but a bit of pedal pressing (and key playing, of course!).


Black Key Loop Noodle 

Dubby Monotron Noodle

jamelopoeia - jameleopoeia - dubby monotron [0:43]

I was fortunate enough to get a rather smashing Korg Monotron Duo for Christmas - an analogue synth with proper twiddly knobs! I've enjoyed playing with it, tuning some interesting sounds out of it; this was played 'live' into a bunch of Reaper multitracks with a simple drum backing... and, of course, lots of reverb added. 

This delightful little box is definitely coming to the next Jamfolder live gig!


jamelopoeia - Dubby Monotron Noodle 

Bass and Mandolin jam

jamelopoeia - bass and mandolin jam [1:35]

There are some musical instruments in my music room that rarely, if ever, get an outing. I am truly not very good at playing the bass, and the mandolin keeps going out of tune. Two reasons not to make a piece of music with them. But I did anyway...

jamelopoeia - bass and mandolin jam 

Cemental (snippet)

jamelopoeia - cemental (snippet) [0:57]

There is simply no reason for this, except a Tuesday evening.

Made with Reaper, a bunch of plug-ins and very little care. Still, it sort of makes a noise and there's a bit of Prodigy-ness about it.


Meaningles (noodle)

jamelopoeia - meaningles (noodle) [1:25]

Something I did on Saturday, played some guitars over on Sunday and then tried (and failed) to fit some lyrics to. There are no hidden depths to this.. another fairly formulaic piece from my brain. I need to start with words and make a plan.

The usual suspects - Reaper, some plug-in synths and a sample I found on the D: drive. 

jamelopoeia - Meaningles (noodle)

Improbable Space (snippet)

jamelopoeia - improbable space (snippet) [1:42]

Not much more than a very rough and almost entirely unready bit of playing about with various synth plugins in Reaper, really (and despairing of the latency of some of them...)


jamelopoeia - Improbable Space

Rackmount (snippet)

jamelopoeia - rackmount [1:06]

jamelopoeia - rackmount.mp3 (2 MB MP3 @256 kbps)

I thought it was well beyond time to dust off some of the old 1980s and 90s synth modules that sit warming up the rack behind me. Fortunately, they still worked (even though there are buttons missing) and make a very similar sound to what they did several decades ago now...

A minute of 'throwing everything into the kitchen sink and slinging the kitchen sink down a hill' sounds a bit like this (it's not pretty).

jamelopoeia - Rackmount (snippet)

Berlin (noodle)

jamelopoeia - jamelopoeia - Berlin [1:44]

jamelopoeia - berlin.mp3 (1 MB MP3 @128 kbps)

I regularly listen to and enjoy a number of contributors to Audioboo - a blogging site that enables sonud to be shared in all its forms. I was inspired by one of the 'boos' (by Connor Walsh) about shortwave radio, where a teenager sent his details in to a pirate station in the hope of getting a penpal, and another (by Stefan Landi) about 'Reaper' - my audio production software of choice.

The audioboos can be heard here:

In the hour or so (well, OK, a little longer) before I went to bed, here's something I made in Reaper from a short snippet that I recorded on cassette in the 1980s of a 'number station' and the callsign of Radio Berlin.

jamelopoeia - Berlin

Another Seven Twiddles (snippet)

jamelopoeia - another seven twiddles [1:04]

Idly playing with my guitar, layering tracks as I played them into Audition (which is why they sound so sloppy) I realised I had no idea what key signature it was in.

It keeps being seven. Keyboard mashings followed (mainly percussive). Then I stopped and went to bed.

Stare (snippet)


jamelopoeia - Stare (snippet) [1:19]

Not really sure where I was going with this.. I wanted to make something quite synthy and driven, but, as bedtime approached, a rather ponderous piano line appeared.

Made with Reaper and a bevy (or bevvy?) of VST plug-ins, including SampleTank Free, which is a bit of a faff to download, but has some rather gorgeous sounds.

So that was a Saturday evening in the studio (while Beth watched Glee on her birthday. It's only fair!)

jamelopoeia - Stare (snippet)