earlier works...

Here are some bits and pieces (of varying quailty) - again in what I believe to be reverse chronological order...


Blokeworld - That's Just Me (MP3.com home v [2:00]

This was back in the days when my artistic name was 'Blokeworld'. It was recorded in the loft, using CoolEdit Pro and some other software... I can't even remember what it was! The MP3.com reference was from when it was a good site. There still vestiges of my production work on the Garageband site, which took all the songs over. 


Blokeworld - Mind Your Backfill [3:11]

I made this when I was working at a Classic Gold radio station. Since it was a networked radio station, instead of adverts, it played specially selected songs (presumably since they were of the right duration) to play in case the adverts at any other stations didn't start. This early mash-up (does that make me a pioneer?) is a tribute to that. Made on CoolEdit Pro.


Blokeworld - Have Yourself A Summer Hit [2:16]

Before I even worked in radio, I liked to try and get some of my stuff played. This was the 'greatest' of my successes, played by the breakfast show in the summer of 1997 (I think!)


Image Communications - Let The Little Children Come T [3:32]

This one's a little poignant. Beth based this on a Bible verse, as a song to play at our god-daughter's christening. Sadly she's no longer with us, since she had leukemia, but this song still has some vivid memories for me (not least Beth coming home from a shift as a student midwife and laying down the vocals in three takes!)


jamelopoeia - French Song [2:18]

jamelopoeia - French Song.mp3 (3 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

French Song represents something of a rarity from my very early days of music making. In fact, I recorded this on cassette; I'm not sure many computers had sound cards back then! Oh.. and I even recorded over a bit of it. That wouldn't happen now. The technology was very simple - my brother Dave had borrowed a mate's synths - a Yamaha EMT-10 sound module, a little-known synth by a company called Evolution Synthesis called the EVS-1 and a reverb unit. All we had to sequence with was a little Yamaha keyboard - the PSS-780, although it sounded really tinny, offered MIDI and an on-board note sequencer, where individual tracks could be recorded and played back. That's how this song was created - and performed.. the percussion was limited to where rhythm sequences corresponded to drum sounds on the EVS-1, and each part was started and stopped as appropriate. I'm surprised we manage to get anything coherent out of the equipment at all ~goes all misty-eyed for a moment, while remembering those days of necessity and invention~...