One of my 'new year resolutions' was to make better use of my leisure time, and to spend more of it in the studio. It's certainly been an improvement on last year, but I'm fairly sure I can do better!

jamelopoeia - Finchley Road [2:28]

I wrote this song during a homeward commute on a dark, damp evening, and challenged myself to record it only using 'real-life' synthesizers, to give it an 'electro' sound. There's more information about the writing and recording process in the song story and technical details pages. 


jamelopoeia - no advice [2:32]

jamelopoeia - no advice-v2.mp3 (4 MB MP3 @256 kbps)

I finally reached a point with 'no advice' (which I had written the previous year) where it seemed appropriate to submit it to The Home Made Hit Show; I tidied up some of the playing (one of the finer aspects of digital non-linear recording!) and added a cello line from the excellent Edirol Orchestra VST plug-in - oh, and re-recorded the vocals, since I hadn't really got the hang of the settings on my mic pre-amp. This, therefore, is the final version.


jamelopoeia - Answer Me This jingle (Dylan v [0:57]

This is one of a small series of jingles I created for the Answer Me This podcast - unusually, the entries had to be submitted via YouTube, so that's where my jingles have languished(?) since I uploaded them. This is the longest of them - in fact, a little too long according to the rules of the competition (I'm not very good with rules!) and was recorded using a borrowed harmonica (thanks, Rob!), my acoustic guitar, electric bass and some keyboard-based drums. Links to the YouTube videos (which were quickly put together using iMovie) are below.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=NthjH5ccHyE - Answer Me This Podcast jingle (Voices)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjk0Lx53JHQ - Answer Me This Podcast jingle (Dylan)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_XBdrahFE8 - Answer Me This Podcast jingle (Eleanor)


jamelopoeia - O-M-R-T [1:46]

jamelopoeia - O-M-R-T.mp3 (2 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

Since we bought our first family video camera (a rather neat Flip HD) I've done a little bit of movie making, which - of course - always benefits from an original soundtrack. The great thing about this is that with only a little noodling, a tune can emerge!

This was to accompany a video I recorded at one of Luton's fine museums of a 'Space Age' exhibition, and was slung together using VST synth plug-ins in Logic. It sits quite nicely in the background of the video - which can be found on YouTube here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNfTwIulqoU. Having revisited it more recently, I think it stands as a short piece of electronic music on its own.


jamelopoeia - Wizball Theme (zappy techno lo [1:52]

I've been very much enjoying the nostalgia of my small collection of vintage home computers, including some video games I hadn't played for years. One of these was Wizball, an odd but fascinating game which I first played at sixth form college on the Commodore 64; despite being nearly twenty years since I first encountered it, I still haven't completed it! Playing it one Saturday morning, I loved the sounds coming through my studio speakers, so I sampled them and created this remix of the classic "Chiptune".