2007 was definitely a Eurovision-themed year.. here's why!


jamelopoeia - The Seaside Shuffle [2:02]

I wrote this for the rather strange b3tavision competition. The whole point was that readers should represent a county of the UK and submit a piece of music to this board. Nobody seems to have won, but I'm not overly fussed.


jamelopoeia - Shopping High [2:39]

jamelopoeia - Shopping High (Working Instrum [2:39]

Shopping High was written for the BBC Audio & Music Festival Live radio station in March 2007, as a culmination of the feature 'Anatomy of a Eurovision Song'. There's more about this in my blog.

With any luck (and flooding aside) I'm hoping to make at least one more piece of music in 2007... a slightly louder, rockier song. My guitarist talents are almost as woeful as my web design skills, so don't hold your breath!