2006 was the year I got into podcasts, and I couldn't help making some silly bits of music to contribute to the jollity. This was probably as a result of a request for musical interludes or jingles. Funnily enough, they never asked again...


jamelopoeia ft Arthur Forbuoys - the bluggcast song [3:31]

jamelopoeia - The Bluggcast Song [3:13]

I wrote this for the legendary blugg and Doctoe, two aliens (with British accents - they're the best sort) who used to make podcast called The Bluggcast. It doesn't exist any more, unfortunately, because it was both one of the first I subscribed to, and the most entertaining.


jamelopoeia - The Emma And Pete Show Intro [1:26]

jamelopoeia - enps intro.mp3 (1 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

Emma and Pete are still going strong, though. You can hear what they sound like on this rather unflattering mash-up of their voices, but they still played it on their fine podcast. Which reminds me... I must make something else for them to play in. (note: I still haven't got round to it, so this is yet another reminder!)


jamelopoeia - Audi TT Song [2:43]

jamelopoeia - Audi TT song.mp3 (3 MB MP3 @192 kbps)

Ahh yes... an early North South Divide podcast featured this spoof of the fine JCB song. I really can't remember what exactly I made it for..