You'll never, no - technical

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This track, despite the thick backdrop of synths, drums and guitars is very vocal-led, at times with three overdubbed voices (two with a microphone, one with a megaphone). 

Once again, Reaper and VST synth plug-ins were heavily used, although the chorus was created by Simon, who came up with the riff which makes up an essential part of it. 


I tried to make this as rich a blend of sounds and vocals as possible, balancing the repetition of lyrics and themes with variations in the backing track so it didn't get boring. I took some elements of a guitar jam that was originally played over the whole track (a trick I learned from a documentary on Gerry Rafferty's 'Baker Street'), although I had to re-record much of it because I wasn't very good!

Equipment used

Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
Yamaha O1X mixer
Alesis QS6
Ibanez GAX-30
Shure SM58 (lead vocals)
Rode NT-1A microphone (backing vocals)

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