Is It Normil? technical

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This was almost entirely created using synth plug-ins in Reaper - my new music and audio sequencer of choice. This was inspired by a series of audioboo speech recordings, which I used vocoders and audio-to-tone plug-ins to create harmonies based on the pattern and tone of the speech. Jamfolder is very much about synthesized sounds, but I also worked out a bass guitar riff that seemed to work in the chorus section.



Simon and I worked on this track together and separately, combining our ideas on a couple of Saturday evenings. We used lead vocals recorded by Simon in his home studio, but collaborated on backing singing duties!


Equipment used

Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
Yamaha O1X mixer
Alesis QS6
Fender P-Bass
Shure SM58 (lead vocals)
Rode NT-1A microphone (backing vocals)

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