I am something of a podcast addict (in the best way!), not least because I can listen to them at any time. My favourites are those not created by the big organisations (like the BBC and the Guardian) but high quality shows made by talented individuals who appreciate and interact with their audience in a way that mass media never could.

You can find a list of my favourites (although it's a little out of date now!) on my blog: www.mus-ic.co.uk/weblog/archives/2009/05/lots-of-podcast.html

Podcasts in which I've been involved either as presenter or producer include:

The North South Divide

A comedy project created by Trev Ship and me - it ran to eight-and-a-half occasional episodes before life got in the way; they can be found on the North South Divide website (http://thenorthsouthdivide.blogspot.com) or downloaded directly here (right-click, save as to download)

The North South Divide1. Spoondance: NSD-01-spoondance-64k.mp3
2. Knuckles: NSD-02-knuckles-96k.mp3
3. Gorgonzola: NSD-03-gorgonzola-64k.mp3
4. Kranken: NSD-04-kranken-96k.mp3
5. The Reckoning: NSD-05-thereckoning-96k.mp3
6. Salvage: NSD-06-salvage-96k.mp3
7. Wood: NSD-07-wood-96k.mp3
8. Sky: NSD-08-sky-96k.mp3
8a. Bauble: NSD-08a-bauble-96k.mp3