me - in the studioHello. I'm james Hart, a musician and producer based in Luton, in the UK. For the past twenty years, I've been creating music and sound - this website contains quite a bit of it.


I've been writing songs since I was a teenager, mostly with a light-hearted whimsical style, although I enjoy exploring other genres, and collaborating with friends and family on larger projects. My small recording / rehearsal / radio studio setup lends itself to many projects, including recording vocals for demo tapes, band rehearsals and jam sessions. You can hear much of what I've made in the music section.

audio production and voice-overs

I have been commissioned to produce short adverts, voice-overs and jingles for presenters at community and hospital radio stations and podcasts. A sample of my work will be available soon. I am very happy to consider requests for voice-over recordings, since I am hoping to build up a portfolio that can be used to broaden my repertoire. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk through an idea.

On-demand audio content (or 'podcasting' as it's more colloquially known!) is another of my passions, and I've contributed to various podcasts, which includes co-writing and producing a comedy show called The North South Divide and regular appearances on the British Tech Network's weekly BIG show. I also dabble occasionally into internet radio - you never know where you might hear me next..!

other things

This site also includes links to my blog - a fairly infrequently updated chronicle of my life and times with my family in Luton, and a gallery of our activities.

You can also find me at, where I chronicle the daily goings-on, and, an audio-blogging site I use to record soundscapes and interesting noises.