NEW: zx85 - I don't understand

It was something of a tough decision, but I decided to participate in the RPM Challenge for a second year. The first thing that came to mind was "difficult second album", and my work life has become a lot more intense, but undaunted (or maybe only a little daunted?) I went for it.

Once again, I shared my journey with Simon - also known as Cakefolder - who also collaborated on "Wordgames", and was also capably accompanied by my friend Fiona on cello during "Do I dare?" Once again Eleanor contributed vocals - this time to "Just a simulation", and the whole family turned up to shout on "Hot Mess.

I called this year's album: I don't understand. You can listen to it at its homepage on - but I've also let it loose on on-line music services too, like Spotify and Amazon.

You can listen to all the tracks here, though... please click below.