Tweets for 23 Jun 2017


(09:45:00) I've done little more than send snippy emails this morning. Time for coffee...

Tweets for 22 Jun 2017


(11:16:39) This is in case I forget. Ed Sheeran style song idea about the SSL cert expiring in my keystore. I feel so insecure now the trust has gone..

(14:07:27) Nobody is taking seriously my concern about the poor air-tight performance of the Team Biscuit Tin. This vexes me somewhat #soggybiscuits

Tweets for 21 Jun 2017


Tweets for 20 Jun 2017


(15:41:19) It's not my plaice to carp on about my failed attempts to be a sole trader; I knew there had to be a catch...

(15:52:15) It's afternoons like this that make me wish for the heat death of the universe.

(15:53:12) Ideas I have had in desperation to cool down the world number 1: solar powered air conditioning with the pipes going into space.

(15:53:52) Ideas I have had in desperation to cool down the world number 2: removing just enough matter from the mass of the earth to widen its orbit.

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Tweets for 15 Jun 2017


(13:30:40) I have just had my name forgotten on a conference call. When reminded: "Oh I should have remembered that; it's my husband's name." Ha.

(18:01:20) I'm a bit of a mess all in all at the moment... that is my self-reflection as I wait for my dinner to settle before going for a bike ride.

(18:01:56) That last tweet was not very interesting but true. Warm weather doesn't suit me...

Tweets for 14 Jun 2017


(14:05:26) Is it wrong to be a little suspicious of websites that appear in Times New Roman font..? Because I am... #cssfail


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